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                Company Introduction

                Homepage About UsCompany Introduction

                The Company is engaged in international trade for bulk commodities. Main business: crude oil, fuel oil and such oil products (Russia D2, M100-75) and refined oil sales.

                In the business, it has long-term business relations of cooperation with the Middle East countries, Russia and other countries; establishes a wide range of business cooperating relationship with Chinese central enterprises oil giant, and the major refineries.

                The company has a trading platform in Hongkong: Renhe Resources Limited, to which General banking facilities up to nine-digit figure in USD have been granted.

                The main shareholder is Hangzhou Jinchang Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd with the total assets RMB 1 billion yuan which is the largest shareholder of Zhejiang Zhengbei Industrial Co., Ltd, bought into by Hangzhou Yuhang District Finance Funds, and is the industry largest taxpayer in Yuhang district.